Monday, September 3, 2012

The Faerie Who Lives Down the Block

Artist Conception of Cu Tailte

   What does "fairyland" look like to you?  What kinds of beings live there?  What goes on there?

     I don't know what your image of "fairyland"is  but mine is fairly concrete.  I just picture my home.  I grew up in Cu Tailte, a place most humans would call "fairyland" or "an enchanted forest."  Yes, many faeries live in Cu Tailte, but we aren't the only race of beings there.  We share the Five Lands with many other races.  Most of them are magical.

     My name is Keena Mythweaver.  SOBS and Christine Fallon have asked me to talk a bit on this blog about my native land.  But I won't just talk about Cu Tailte.  I have lived for ages in a human town called Baile Eile.  This town is situated right beside Cu Tailte, although few humans are aware of Cu Tailte's existence.  I am a faerie healer and I offer healing to humans who seek it.  Almost none of the humans know that I am a faerie.  They accept me as one of their own and they refer to me as an "herbalist."  I love living in Baile Eile.  It has helped me come to an understanding of human beings that I never would have gotten had I stayed in Cu Tailte.  SOBS hopes that if I talk a little about my land and people, as well as my experiences among humans, that you who read this will gain a bit more understanding of those of us who come from the Otherworld, or as you would say, the magical world of the enchanted forest.    If you have been reading this blog for a little while, you have met my sister, Keira Nightsinger, who is a banshee.  Hopefully, she helped clear up the rumor that banshees are evil and dangerous.  Most are not.  Most are quite compassionate, loving and gentle.  Perhaps I can shed some light on faeries and the others who live in Cu Tailte.  I am a myth weaver, so I know a great many stories, some sad, some humorous.  Please join me next week as I begin to share them with you.  Meanwhile, have a blessed week.

Happy Labor Day!  (Oh, yes, I do know about Labor Day, after all, I labor too!)  Please stay safe.



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