Friday, April 13, 2012

Fight for the Banshee!

This is a brief extra blog today.

 It happened again.  Another misrepresentation of a banshee.  Another slander to the the good spirits who do such noble work!  A couple of days ago I was watching a t..v. show (I won't mention which one) and the episode was centered around banshees.  The banshees in this show were presented as ugly, vicious beings who fed on the pain of suffering people and then murdered them.  The banshees in the story were made up to look something like anemic vampires, fangs and all.  And the screaming was horrible!  I know that this has become a part of the lore of the banshee but it is inaccurate.  Banshees are not hunters, murderers or vampires.

So today I'm calling for action.  Stop the Banshee Bashing!

Spread the word on whatever social media you use.  Let's set the record straight.  Banshees are good, compassionate souls (see Bane of the Banshee on this blog if you've only ever heard that banshees are bad).

Please join me in fighting to restore the reputation of the banshee!

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