Friday, April 13, 2012


     It's time to take action against the defamation of the banshee.  So  I'm forming a new activist group: SOBS (Society of Banshee Supporters).  Please help spread the word that banshees are compassionate, gentle, noble souls, not evil stalking murders as they are often depicted on t.v. shows and movies.  Please join my blog and comment on ways that we can combat the corrupted image of the banshee.  Alternatively, tweet comments to @looneyfilberts on Twitter.  Please consider adding #banshee or #SOBS to the comments to make them stand out.

All ideas to help the banshee are welcome!

Thanks much.  

Blessings, CF

(Note: this movement is meant to be a fun, creative exercise but who knows?  The banshees might thank us for it anyway!)

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